CYO Basketball Mission Statement

CYO Basketball is not an end in itself. It is a means of carrying out the mission of the Catholic Church by providing a nurturing environment for our youth through which they may learn two fundamental lessons in life. The fundamentals of a particular sport and good sportsmanship.


Schenectady County CYO shall strictly enforce its restrictions against unsportsmanlike behavior. Parish directors and game officials shall be instructed to closely monitor for disruptive behavior that undermines the integrity of the game and Mission Statement of this league and immediately remove those affiliated with Schenectady CYO, including players, coaches, scorekeepers, concession stand workers, and spectators from the game premises for engaging in such behavior. If a Parish director or official feels the individual has not adequately left the gym and school grounds within an acceptable period of time then the team associated with the disruptive individualwill forfeit the game. Neither the Parish director nor official are obligated to issue any warning prior to the removal of such individual. If an individual is removed twice in the same season, the individual will not be permitted to participate in or attend any further games that season without written authority from the Executive Board for the league and such written authority shall not be granted without a showing of extraordinary circumstance.